“Thank you again for this awesome opportunity. today marked a new beginning for me. i honestly do not think i would've found this position and automatic warmth in a company without your guidance and continuous professionalism" a.i.

" I am very pleased with the service VVPS has provided me and the way they have dealt with my specific situation. They understand their employees and work very well with them.” I.R.

"Very thorough background process and excellent staffing process. They actually call to follow up and do NOT leave you hanging like other agencies that say they'll put you as available and never bother to call. They get you a position and work on keeping you long term. Great job offers! Very much recommended!" R.V.

“VVPS Inc. has been great to me. They treat all employees equally and with kindness. I value their work and I am thankful that I worked with them” J.M.

“I am totally happy with my immediate job placement. The staff was the best. I feel blessed to have found this agency.” G.H.

“Being employed by VVPS is an absolute pleasure. The professionalism they show is remarkable. Everything is in order and there is no confusion whatsoever with any paperwork. The staff is welcoming and encouraging.” P.R.

“Julia has been exceptional. She was gracious, kind and really took the time to explain the process, procedures and company information to me. Friendly staff, very courteous and professional.” C.F.

“Victor Valley Personnel Service is a very professional and pleasant agency. The staff is always ready to assist and make sure that each assignment fits our qualifications.” C.R.

"Friendly staff, great services! Love the traditional process!"  J.E.

“Employment at VVPS has been a great experience. The agents are very experienced and provide wonderful assistance. VVPS has been the only employment agency that I’ve ever been involved with and I have been very pleased with it.” A.M.

“I appreciate the ladies for all their help with contracting me out to a company that has hired me permanently. When I first relocated to California everybody said I would not find a job in the High Desert. Thanks to Yunika at VVPS I have a great job in the High Desert.” G.H.

“The ladies in the office are great! They work very diligently to find the best position. Every time I’ve registered with VVPS, they placed me in long-term positions. I’ve never had any issues or concerns with them and they answered any questions. Great team! Great company!” J.E.

“My experience as an employee with VVPS Inc. was an exceptional one. The staff is extremely courteous, knowledgeable, thorough and consistent. They informed me of a position and followed through. We moved forward with the process and I went on to get and complete the job assignment. I am very pleased with my experience from VVPS Inc. and would highly recommend them to anyone serious about seeking employment.” D.R.